What is yoga therapy?



The practice of yoga is a combination of movement, breath, meditation and mantras for optimal health and wellbeing. In a nutshell, yoga teaches us to self-regulate. Meditation helps to quiet mind chatter, and body practices (movement, breath, chanting) bring us into a state of safety and calmness. We release muscle tension, soften the breath and the voice. Yoga gives us a unique way to reset our physiology, creating a shift in the state of our autonomic neural system.


A lot of modern research reveals positive effects of yoga for health conditions (including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, hypertension and others). Yoga therapy is a holistic approach that addresses mental and physical problems, incorporating medical knowledge, ayurveda and yoga philosophy. The key difference between regular yoga and yoga therapy is that a therapy session is individual and tailored to the person's needs. 


I am currently training to become a yoga therapist. Please read my blog or ask me a question if you want to learn more about yoga therapy.