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I am Irina, a yoga teacher with a background in medical biology and a PhD in neuroscience. I have been leading yoga classes since 2014.


Practicing and teaching yoga has transformed me in many ways. Yoga helps me to make better decisions, be a better mother, build healthier relationships, and be compassionate to myself and others.


Yoga uses the natural capacity of our brain to change. Big changes start small. We start with breath, gentle movement, attention and voice — tools that are accessible to anyone at any time.


I blend yoga knowledge with a scientific approach in my classes. The latest scientific research challenges the traditional Western division between mind and body, and we now recognize that the mind and body form a single, inseparable system. I trust that this new understanding will pave the way for more holistic approaches — such as yoga and yoga therapy — in healthcare. 



“ Yoga practice lives from a good teacher, good choice of exercises but also from the energy in a room. I discovered that in times of quarantaine when coming together is impossible, there is still one medium which can transport the spirit the yoga and this is sound. The Yogastudio Unmani hosted on-line Yoga classes. The voice of Irina together with her choice of exercises, and very calm and precise instructions led me through those weeks, and the Wednesday evening quickly became an anchor of relaxation, recharging of energy and mindfulness for me. Thank you very much Irina for this!”

— Andrea

Regular yoga clasess
Individual yoga sessions

Classes and Workshops

Workshops and lectures

March-December 2020

Guest teacher at the 200-hours Svastha Teacher Training and Personal development program for healthcare professionals (Amsterdam School for Integrative Medicine and Health/Network Yoga Therapy)

Regular yoga clasess

I give yoga classes at various locations around Utrecht:

Wednesday 10:30 Atlas Yoga Houten (garden yoga)


Wednesday 20:00  at Studio Unmani (Zoom)

Individual yoga sessions

Please fill out the form below or call me at +31615401040


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